Play and become a climate gourmet

Choose the products for your menu and place them on the plates with a right mouse click. Overall, you can add four items to the main menu and dessert. Find examples and their climate footprint in the bottom right corner. Above that, the calculator shows the CO2 value of your menu in comparison to a car distance.

Our calculation is based on fresh, conventionally produced goods. The reduction of animal products such as meat and milk is best for the climate. The fewer production stages – from animal feeding through to the steak on the plate – the less CO2 equivalent is emitted. Regional, seasonal, fair and organic products have an even lower climate footprint.

Find the sources in our terms of use section.
  • My meal: 110g CO2
  • Pasta, pesto, vegetables, apple: 332g CO2
  • Pasta, beef, cream sauce, chocolate: 4062g CO2
  • 50 km drive by car: 8000g CO2


Background information is available in
the Klimagourmet booklet (german).

Analogue and interactive:

Experience the interactive Klimagourmet exhibition and learn about the correlations. More information (German) here.