My climate meal

How many greenhouse gas emissions does your meal generate?

Become a climate gourmet!
Our calculation is based on fresh, conventionally produced goods. The substitution of animal products for plant-based products is best for the climate. Organic, seasonal and regional products earn additional Brownie points in favour of the climate. Fair trade items are beneficial both to the climate and the producers. Moreover, the fresher and less processed a product is, the lower its climate footprint will be.

The general rule is: the fewer production stages – from animal feeding through to the steak on the plate – the less CO2 equivalent is emitted. Producing (animal-based) products does not only generate CO2 but also other gases, which are detrimental to the climate, such as methane and nitrous oxide; we converted those into CO2 equivalents for our calculation. Please find the sources in our terms of use section.
  • My meal: 110g CO2
  • Pasta, pesto, vegetables, apple: 332g CO2
  • Pasta, beef, cream sauce, chocolate: 4062g CO2
  • 50 km drive by car: 8000g CO2


Background information is available in
the Klimagourmet booklet (german).

Analogue and interactive:

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